What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Mention cosmetic surgery anywhere and the average person will probably think about Pamela Anderson’s breasts.

The reality is that cosmetic surgery is essentially a surgical way to correct those parts of our bodies we have never really got along with.

How many of us have been plagued by nicknames like ‘Dumbo’ or ‘Honker’ or ‘Ironing Board’? We were imagining ourselves with smaller noses or bigger breasts, and that is where cosmetic surgery ideally would play a part.

Cosmetic Surgery is good for you

Most definitely a true statement, considering what a smaller nose could do for your confidence. In fact, it is probably true that there are two sides to cosmetic surgery: one featured on the cover of gossip magazines, showing young starlets with impossibly huge breasts and lips so full of silicone that they can hardly smile; the other one, much less publicised, that is all about feeling better in your own skin.

Cosmetic surgery, when performed by a recognised surgeon and done for the right reasons, is the best decision anyone can make. It can correct a serious medical problem, boost confidence in an unprecedented way and provide a final solution to a life-long problem.

Cosmetic Surgery is bad for you

Not only it can be bad, it can be life threatening. And addictive. Just like with any other thing that makes us feel good and happy about ourselves, getting addicted to cosmetic surgery is a possibility, particularly if we get into a vicious circle and keep on finding things that we could correct.

Besides the risk of leaving us even more unsatisfied than before we started correcting bits and pieces here and there, an addiction to cosmetic surgery can leave our purses seriously damaged too.

There are far too many horror stories about women and men maimed by the wrong surgeon and left in chronic pain, or even dead. Essentially this is because cosmetic surgery is a very profitable business which can attract a lot of people with no morals.

How to choose your surgeon

If you have decided that cosmetic surgery is what you want, the next important step is choosing the right surgeon to do the procedure. It is tempting to go with the first one you find, but bear in mind the horror stories mentioned before, and the substantial impact that the right cosmetic surgery can have.

What you should look out for

  • Experience: how many years experience does your surgeon have? do they have a portfolio of patients’ photos they can let you see? are they better at one procedure than another? (for example, some surgeons will specialise in liposuction, others just do breasts and so on)
  • Credentials: is your surgeon fully trained? are they certified with any board? (in the UK it would be the General Medical Council, but if you go for surgery anywhere else, do your research first)
  • Pre-op consultation: is it free or will the surgeon charge you for it? also remember that any respectable surgeon will be happy to answer all the questions you might have, and carefully explain the procedure and post-op to you (in some cases, even offer you appropriate psychological support if necessary)
  • Price: no skimping on this one! Cosmetic surgery is one area where bargain hunting is not advisable. Just remember that the doctor you have in front of you, smiling and
    dressed in a nice suit, is the same one who will put you under sedatives to change your appearance forever: a high price is the right price for good service.


Here is the one thing that absolutely everyone that has had cosmetic surgery will confirm: the post-operative pain goes far beyond even your wildest imagination!

Whatever procedure you do, you either will not be able to move properly, smile or eat a decent meal, so be prepared. You will need time off work, family or friends to support you and a lot of patience, but the final results will be worth the wait.