A Healthy Working Life

It is probably fair to say that a healthy working life is based on numerous contributing factors, not to mention the individual requirements of each person. However, here are a few examples of some of the factors:


Balancing your work life with your social, personal and active life and making room for each will contribute towards an altogether more rounded and healthy existence.

This means that making room to spend time with friends and to exercise will mean you are more likely to perform well at work as well.


The environment in which someone works would depend mostly on the nature of the work.

It could be fair to say that the environment should match the nature of work the employees are carrying out.

Colours, decorations and images would prove to be more stimulating than simple, plain environments.

In work it is paramount to have a clean, tidy and safety-conscious environment to maximise potential for professionalism and respect in the workplace.


It is important that every person in a company/work environment has a job role and knows their position, behaves professionally and accordingly and treats all other colleagues with respect and dignity.

Job role

Different job roles suite different individuals and it is important that we feel we are valued for the job we do.

If somebody is doing a job in which they feel frustrated because it is not something which they feel is right for them, then it is unlikely they will be performing correctly and that they would feel happy in their working life.


Each individual should be given the correct amount of responsibility in their working life, if somebody has too much, this may cause them to feel overstressed, overworked and this can contribute to having an unhealthy working life.

If somebody, however on the other hand is not given enough responsibility to meet their potential, they can feel frustrated and not acknowledged.